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The West-Coast Teaching and Research Institute for the Art and Philosophy of Fighting was founded in the 70's by Volker Kunkel. For  more than twenty years now, it has been dealing with European Sword Fighting techniques. The teaching system of the "Ronneburger Sword Fencing School“ ( "Ronneburger Fechtschule”  ) was developed through this experience. It deals with realistic sword fighting and is based mainly on techniques of the old Italian and German fencing schools, but has chosen a modern teaching approach. We offer seminar lessons with a functional realistic approach. Apart from the weapons, the situation of emergency is emphasized. In our estimation, this is the only way to lay a proper foundation for good stage fencing and show fights. The audience nowadays has developed a better eye for real fight techniques.

Concerning the contents and the teaching, our concept contrasts favorably with other suppliers (more than 3000 pupils have already taken part): clear structured content; appropriate guide lines for the participants, with the possibility of self-checking success, as well as practice forms for the least possible risk - no matter what qualifications the pupil brings along. This has been our offer increasing for two decades, our trade mark so to speak.

Our founder, Volker Kunkel, College teacher ("Gymnasium" senior teacher) vouches for it with more than 40 (!) years of teaching experience in many different sectors of physical fighting. You too, can profit from this immense treasure of experience - in practice, research and teaching.

P.S. Please find our offers of seminars in the following areas: art of fighting/self-defense (European long sword, reflex fighting, stick fighting etc.) at this address www.west-coast.de (also for more informations or announcement)

New in our video gallery: fencing demonstration in Dreieichenhain

A selection of scenes out of the fencing demonstration, shown by Volker Kunkel in Dreieichenhain. Different techniques of fencing with a single hand and hand and a half sword.  
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You will find Swords, Katanas, Shields, armours, helmets, rapiers, sabres, backswords and other weapons of diffrent ages in our Online-Shop.
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